Hire A Corps Member


PowerCorpsPHL Alums have completed a rigorous six-month program of full-time AmeriCorps service work while navigating throughout the City of Philadelphia, including 120 hours of professional development. Completion of the program shows resiliency, commitment to individual growth, and a sense of community pride.

PowerCorpsPHL can help you expand your business by connecting you with new employees. Our members and alum have demonstrated a diverse knowledge base in landcare, basic building maintenance, trail maintenance, community outreach, and watershed protection. PowerCorpsPHL members and alum can bring professionalism in communication etiquette, co-worker collaboration, task completion, adaptability, career exposure, partnership maintenance to you.

Through working closely with our members over a six-month period, we are able to align member career goals and employer needs to create strong workforce partnerships. We maintain regular contact with our alum for a year to assist in the removal and reduction of next step barriers.

Contact us to learn more about our employer services, including candidate recruitment and post-placement support services. Email Devin Hamilton, Assistant Director of Professional Development at dhamilton@educationworks.org today.