Dimitri Forte Alumni Highlight

January 2016

Dimitri Forte was on Shaneeta Bagley’s H2O crew in Cohort 3. His site was Belmont Water Treatment Plant where he served as an electrician. After PowerCorpsPHL he worked for Philadelphia Water as a Seasonal Maintenance Attendant for 6 months. Now, he is Vocational School Intern Apprentice with the Office of Watershed within Philadelphia Water. Dimitri learned new habits with PowerCorpsPHL; he learned how to be a sponge. PowerCorpsPHL gave Dimitri the tools to actually learn. It also connected him to Philadelphia Water. Dimitri was surrounded by positive people in PowerCorpsPHL who supported him and his work. He learned new things and applied them to life. To Dimitri, service work means making changes within yourself and your community. Dimitri’s drive to continue learning has opened opportunities for him. He recently joined the Scrap Metal Force within Philadelphia Water. He visits scrap yards and inspects them to ensure they are following environmental regulations. Dimitri hopes to learn to drive a pontoon boat for Philadelphia Water. He plans to clean up the Schuylkill River.

If you would like to reach Dimitri, he may be reached at dimitri.m.forte@gmail.com.

H2O Crew

H2O, Cohort 3

Electrician Intern

PowerCorpsPHL Internship with PWD

PowerCorpsPHL members with Alex Warwood, PWD

PowerCorpsPHL members Darren, Dimitri, and Aaron with Alex Warwood, PWD

Vessel Training with PWD

Vessel Training with PWD
















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