Paul Johnson Alumni Highlight

January 2016

Paul Johnson was a PowerCorpsPHL member on the first GSI maintenance crew in Cohort 2. He came back as Assistant Crew Leader in Cohort 3 with Pat Edouardo. After graduating PowerCorpsPHL Paul was hired by AKRF, an environmental engineering and consulting company. AKRF received the prime contract with Philadelphia Water to plan, implement, and maintain the Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) in Philadelphia. Paul is a Green Infrastructure Maintenance Technician with AKRF and is a Certified Pipeline Inspector.

Before PowerCorpsPHL, Paul was not interested in environmental work. He was interested in becoming an inventor or builder, he always wanted to create things to help people. Paul says his time with PowerCorpsPHL gave him the basics of being a professional, a foundation for Paul to build on. He also enjoyed the sense of family PowerCorpsPHL created. Paul credits PowerCorpsPHL for helping him realize his talents and great amount of potential he was not previously trying to reach. Paul became a leader through PowerCorpsPHL.

To Paul, service work means building up young leaders and helping the community out. He sees environmental work as the way of the future. He says so much technology is destroying the environment, and now it is time to use technology to protect the environment. Paul is often called the “GSI Guru” and has been at the forefront of GSI maintenance since the beginning. He is currently in school for Environmental Engineering. He plans to establish his own company to design and build GSI internationally. He plans to take the industry by storm and take PowerCorpsPHL members with him.

Paul is still very involved with PowerCorpsPHL. He visits the GSI crews regularly to check in, chat, and connect them with professionals in Paul’s network. He has participated on alumni panels for current PowerCorpsPHL members. Paul has also attended every Pre-Service Orientation for a new cohort since he graduated. Paul says PowerCorpsPHL supports him by allowing him to support the new members.

If you would like to contact Paul, he may be reached at

Alumni Panel Dec. 2015

Alumni Panel Dec. 2015

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