Meet Cohort 2 Crews: A-Team

Mike Herrmann (Crew Leader)

Mike hails from New Hampshire but now proudly calls South Philadelphia his home. He feels that the the best part of being a founding PowerCorpsPHL crew leader is being on the ground floor and helping to see the program through its growing pains.  Mike is proud of his abilities to exhibit leadership, commitment and flexibility. He anticipates that years from now, after the PowerCorpsPHL program has flourished, he will be able to look back on this time and say with pride that he was a part of the original group of leaders. He loves being witness to his crew’s excitement at getting jobs done and taking ownership of their accomplishments. One year from now, he plans to be working with his 3rd cohort and answering calls from employers that will be seeking out references for PowerCorpsPHL alum!

Shavida Jones (Assistant Crew Leader) ShavidaJones_7942

Shavida served as a member of the first cohort and is now serving his second term with PowerCorpsPHL, this time as an Assistant Crew Leader. 
Age: 20

Shavida is from Upper Darby and exemplifies the abilities of a great listener and leader. She prides herself for her abilities to multitask as a mother that also works full-time as a PowerCorpsPHL member. Shavida feels that to be able to wake up every day and get to work alongside her fellow crew members to improve the community and environment is the most rewarding part of being a PowerCorpsPHL member. One year from now, Shavida plans to continue working to give back to her community.

Tynesha Abdur-Rasheed

Age: 19
What are some words that describe you?
Bold, outgoing, comedian

One of Tynesha’s proudest moments since beginning to serve with PowerCorpsPHL was when she planted her first tree at 33rd and Diamond Streets. She looks forward to telling her son one day, “Look! I planted that tree!” Tynesha prides herself as being a great mother to her son. She wakes up every day with a mindset to do better, have better and live better and is proud of herself for persevering through her struggles without giving up. She feels that the best part about being a member of PowerCorpsPHL is that she has the chance to make a difference in communities as well as her son’s future. In the future, Tynesha plans to attend college to become an obstetrician.

Chilon Carroll

Age: 22
What are some words that describe you?
Independent, works well with others, musically inclined

Chilon feels that the best part about being in PowerCorpsPHL is having the opportunities to experience and learn new things, which have so far included using tools and learning about plants and the environment. She also enjoys getting to know know fellow crew members and staff that she works with. She is proud when she accomplishes tasks assigned, such as removing invasive plants, pruning trees and mulching gardens, and then hears appreciative feedback from people in the communities her work affects. Upon completion of her first term of service, Chilon plans to continue on with her post-secondary education and serve a second term with PowerCorpsPHL in order to obtain experience that will prepare her well for future employment.

Azeem Cottman

Age: 19
What are some words that describe you?
Smart, honest and loyal

Azeem is excited about everything that he is learning through his time as a member of PowerCorpsPHL – from learning about different kinds of trees and how to grow different kinds of flowers, to learning how to work with his team. He also feels that as a corps member in this program, he has guidance in how to change his life in a positive direction, how to fix his own mistakes, and how to have fun and be a kid again even while serving. His proudest moment so far while serving was when he planted his first tree. By helping his crew whenever he is needed, he is showing the people in his community that he cares. Azeem hopes to continue boxing, return to Golden Gloves, and be on TV one day.

Christina Logan

Age: 21
What are some words that describe you?
Multi-talented, creative, poet, artist

Christina feels that the best part about being in PowerCorpsPHL is that it provides her with an opportunity to make a difference by helping her community. She is enjoying the chance to meet new people. She also appreciates that her involvement with the program supports members in their career and educational tracks. Her proudest moment that she has experienced while serving has been seeing the big difference that her crew has made in a site from the beginning to the end of a project. Christina is proud of having graduated high school and that she is becoming more independent. She prides herself on being punctual and reliable. She aspires to have her own apartment, a full-time job, and return to school. After she completes her term with PowerCorpsPHL, she plans to do some volunteer service working with children. She plans to be a pediatrician one day.

Jahtieh Postell

Age: 18
What are some words that describe you?
Determined, hardworker, understanding

Jahtieh is excited to be able to give back and do something for communities, and especially to have a positive impact on kids and older people alike by doing good things. He hopes that his service will enforce the importance of doing these things in the minds of others. His proudest moment so far while serving was when he talked to a group of kids about the different projects he is working on with his crew and was able to hear from those kids all about what they already knew about the work PowerCorpsPHL crews are doing. Jahtieh hopes to continue to build upon his knowledge about the environment and develop himself professionally so that he will be an attractive candidate to employers in the future. He is also interested in attempting to go to college to see whether he can succeed in that environment..

Malaka Rosser

Age: 20
What are some words that describe you?
Good parent, very independent, supportive.

Malaka’s favorite part about being a PowerCorpsPHL member is that it has given her the opportunity to meet new people and make connections. She also enjoys gaining new experiences and learning about nature and the professional world. One of her favorite moments so far during her time as a corps member was when crews had to work together to come up with a PowerCorpsPHL chant. In the future, Malaka plans to complete her studies in culinary arts. She dreams of opening a bakery one days. She also aspires to have her own place and a driver’s license.

Matthew Thornton

Age: 19
What are some words that describe you?
Football player

Matthew enjoys that PowerCorpsPHL gives him something to do every day and gets him out of the house as well as out of the streets. He enjoys learning new skills as he works and is proud to have been accepted into the program and to be making a difference in Philadelphia. In the future, Matthew hopes to attend college. He aspires to become a cop or play football after college.

Latif Pertkinslatifp_mikescrew_pcphl2_headshots

Age: 23
What are some words that describe you?
Imaginative, intelligent, caring

Latif feels that the best part about PowerCorpsPHL is that it provides a second chance to people that need it. His proudest experience so far as a corps member was when he served in Happy Hollow Playground, a park he grew up using, and helped make it a better place. Latif aspires to gain employment working in the environment and start his own clothing line.