Meet Cohort 2 Crews: Aphillyits

Mabari Byrd (Crew Leader)

As a Crew Leader for PowerCorpsPHL, Mabari feels a sense of responsibility to be a strong role model and mentor to his crew. He considers himself to be a trustworthy, loyal and real person that is humble during times when it is better to listen and learn rather than speak and teach. He wants to help them recognize that there are many different avenues for young and ambitious adults to take in order to reach personal success. Mabari continuously reminds his team that they should invest in themselves by taking full advantage of every opportunity that they get, and to plan for the future by making sound choices in the present. He believes that anyone can overcome any obstacle in order to reach success, once they have fallen in love with the process of becoming great.

Bicell Walker (Assistant Crew Leader)

Bicell served as a member of the first cohort and is now serving his second term with PowerCorpsPHL, this time as an Assistant Crew Leader. 
Age: 23

As a PowerCorpsPHL member, Bicell is proud to be helping his community and making the city a greener and healthier place to live. He also looks forward to the benefits available to him upon his completion of the program. Upon his graduation from PowerCorpsPHL, Bicell plans to go to school. He aims to better himself as a father and as a person, and to continue to work towards his personal life aspirations.

Jesse Chase

Jesse served as a member of the first cohort and is now serving his second term with PowerCorpsPHL. 
Age: 22
Proudest aspect of working with PowerCorpsPHL so far:
Taking part in the Greater Philadelphia AmeriCorps launch and having the opportunity to represent PowerCorpsPHL and increase awareness about the program

Jesse hails from North Philadelphia and is excited to work to help improve the community and make Philadelphia a greener place. He cites that one of the most important aspects of this service is that through their work to “green” the city, PowerCorpsPHL members are actively improving the oxygen supply and air quality in the city of Philadelphia. Jesse is proud of his own abilities to stay calm in stressful situations. He also prides himself a versatile team player. Upon his completion of his time with PowerCorpsPHL, he plans to work get a commercial driving license.

Marcus Bowens

Age: 21
A few words that describe me:
Loyal, patient, trustworthy, dedicated

The aspect of PowerCorpsPHL that Marcus is most excited about is its capacity for bringing people together. He is proud of his kids and himself for being there for them. When he completes his six months of service, Marcus hopes to continue to find ways to help people.

Curan Cottman

What are some words that describe you?
Hard worker, passionate team player

Curan is excited that people are noticing the service that he and his fellow crew members are performing. He is proud that PowerCorpsPHL his making him a better worker, and after he completes his service he plans to enter the landscaping business.

Kailil Edmonds

Age: 19
What are some words that describe you?
Playful, funny and cool

Kailil is proud of himself for getting up every day and coming to serve, because he used to struggle with getting up on time and this is a positive change for him. He is excited that PowerCorpsPHL gives him the opportunity to travel around Philadelphia and doesn’t hold his background against him. When he has completed his six months of service, Kailil aspires to take classes at a college or trade school.

Keith Hamilton

Age: 20
What are some words that describe you?
Hard worker, outgoing, team worker, and I like to learn new things.

Keith hopes that he can take the skills he learns during his time with PowerCorpsPHL and apply those skills to jobs he acquires after his service. He is excited by the benefits that the program offers and finds the work interesting. Right now, Keith is proud of the life he is living and of the opportunity he has right now to be serving as a corps member.

Joseph Hill-Coles

Age: 20
What are some words that describe you?
Excitable, enthusiastic, energetic, educated

For Joseph, of the most exciting things about his time with PowerCorpsPHL so far have been the opportunities for learning. He cites learning about the history of Fairmount Park as well as learning how to identify different plants, trees and animals as examples of knowledge he has gained so far. Beyond that, he is enthused to be able to service his community and help his city. Joseph is proud of all of his accomplishments and achievements, including having been selected to be a corps member. He’s enjoyed the experiences he had so much already that after he completes his service, he is interested in continuing on with PowerCorpsPHL in the future or working with Parks and Recreation.

Aneesha Mathews

What are some words that describe you?
Reliable, respectable, narcissistic, dedicated, ambitious

Aneesha is proud of the person she is becoming. She is excited to have the opportunity to give back and help her community. She loves that through her service with PowerCorpsPHL she can have a positive effect on others, making her city healthier and putting smiles on peoples’ faces. When she completes her service, Aneesha hopes to either obtain an entry-level job with the city or return to college.

Kenneth Walker

Age: 19
What are some words that describe you?
Kind, funny, hardworking, good listener, friendly

Kenneth says he is proud of himself for joining PowerCorpsPHL because he believes that without getting involved as a corps member, he would have never thought about giving back to the community. He feels pride that his time spent as a corps member helps keep him from wrongdoing. Kenneth is excited to be able to help make the community a better place by transforming dirty environments into beautiful ones places for people to enjoy. In the future, Kenneth aspires to go to college or get a job with the city.

Javon Mamasian

What are some words that describe you?
Attentive, humble, outgoing

Javon is proud of himself for always striving to move forward. He is excited to be learning so much about the environment, which he never paid any attention to until he began serving with PowerCorpsPHL. Following the completion of his service, Javon aspires to find a position with a company where there is opportunity for him to grow.