Meet Cohort 2 Crews: Park Bandits

Alex LaBant (Crew Leader) 

Originally from Central Pennsylvania, Alex now calls South Philly home. He finds it exciting to work as crew leader and aims to inspire his crew to work hard. Alex aims to solidify his team’s understanding of the importance of the work that PowerCorpsPHL is doing in Philadelphia. He is proud of his role with PowerCorpsPHL, especially given its distinct position as a brand new AmeriCorps program geared towards helping to “green” Philadelphia. He is excited to be a part of a program that he believes is helping to raise the bar for every other city throughout the nation, as it is part of Philadelphia’s dedicated mission towards environmental sustainability.

Brandon Thorpe (Assistant Crew Leader)

Brandon served as a member of the first cohort and is now serving his second term with PowerCorpsPHL, this time as an Assistant Crew Leader. 
Age: 24

Brandon plans to pursue a career in environmental services. He prides himself as a people person. He  three qualities he is most proud of are being able to express himself, being considered a people person, and working well with a team. To Brandon, the best part of being a PowerCorpsPHL founding Corps member is the opportunity to make the environment greener while receiving a second chance.

Shaddera Boyd

Age: 20
What are some words that describe you?
Dedicated, determined, smart, powerful, one of a kind, brave hearted, leader

As a member of PowerCorpsPHL, Shaddera is excited that she has the power to make a difference by helping her community to become something beautiful. She looks forward to educating youth about how to keep these efforts going after her cohort is completed. She’s proud to have the chance to be involved with PowerCorpsPHL and to be a part of a group of people taking charge and making things happen – actually being a part of that movement and not just talking about it.

Christopher Brown 

Age: 21
What are some words that describe you?
Hardworking, dedicated, social, self-motivated

Christopher aspires to one day own his own auto mechanic shop and to start an at-risk youth prevention program. Currently, he views his role as a corps member to be an opportunity to make a positive impact on the community. He is excited to make to serve and make a difference. Christopher prides himself on his dedication to his work and his ability to successfully complete any task put in front of him.

Michael Buchanan

What are some words that describe you?
Hard-worker, ambitious

Michael is proud to be preparing to enter the real world and views this program as a step towards his readiness. He is excited to be involved with PowerCorpsPHL because he views it as a gateway to further opportunities. Michael hopes to have a career that builds on the knowledge and experiences he obtains during his time as a corps member.

Randy Rawls

Age: 25
What are some words that describe you?
Humble, reliable, loyal, dedicated, ambitious

Randy says he is proud of the person that he is becoming. He is excited that his involvement with PowerCorpsPHL provides with with an opportunity to help others while performing a variety of different jobs. He hopes that after his service, he will acquire a job with the city or with PowerCorpsPHL itself, and aspires to one day obtain a job that he can build a career and family on.

Derek Reaves

Age: 23
What are some words that describe you?
Spiritual genius

With aspirations to one day join the Peace Corps, Derek hopes to obtain a position as an Assistant Crew Leader after his initial six months of service with PowerCorpsPHL. He is proud to be serving with PowerCorpsPHL because of its aims to cultivate a green future for Philadelphia and provide opportunities for urban young adults. He views his experiences with the program as very beneficial for the track he is on, as he hopes to one day promote healthy horticultural practices as a member of the Peace Corps.

Abdel Tate

Age: 22
What are some words that describe you?
Strong, outgoing, smart, creative, caring, dedicated, determined, amazing, misunderstood

Being able to say “I helped my community” makes Abdel very proud. He feels that this experience, especially the chance to improve his city and help the community in a variety of ways – such as planting trees – is something that is very special to be a part of. He also finds it exciting that his service with PowerCorpsPHL provides him with the opportunity to travel all around the city to different parks. After his six months of service, Abdel plans to going to college to study architecture. He aspires to design different structures all over the world that are eco-friendly.

Daquane White

Age: 19
What are some words that describe you?
Eager, smart, dedicated, etc

Daquane finds everything about PowerCorpsPHL to be exciting – from chopping down dead trees to planting new ones. He is enjoying learning how to help the environment thrive. Following the completion of his first term of service, Daquane hopes to return for a second term and enroll in college as a part-time student. Right now, he’s proud of himself for where he is and how far he’s gotten already.

Atiba IngramIMG_7515

Age: 18
What are some words that describe you?
Funny, creative

Atiba is excited to be able to help the earth and meet new people during her time as a corps member of PowerCorpsPHL. She is proud to be furthering her knowledge of environmental stewardship. Upon completion of her service, Atiba plans to attend college to earn a degree in international studies.

Shamaar Tolsomshamaart_alexscrew_pcphl2_headshots

Age: 22
What are some words that describe you?
Hardworking, detail oriented, well spoken

Shamaar enjoys learning new things and gaining experiences during his time serving as a corps member. His proudest moment so far during his time as a corps member was when he participated in his first day of service, which showed him the magnitude of the impact that he and his fellow corps members have when they serve. A year from now, Shamaar hopes to continue to have a positive relationship and affiliation with PowerCorpsPHL.