Meet Cohort 2 Crews: The Green Team

JoelCornell_7878Joel Cornell (Crew Leader)

Joel is a proud graduate of Howard University and returned volunteer with the Peace Corps. He was born and raised in the Mt. Airy section of Philadelphia. Joel is thrilled to serve as a crew leader for the inaugural group of PowerCorpsPHL because of the role he gets to play in shaping the culture of this organization, which he anticipates is bound to have a long lasting impact in Philadelphia. The attributes he aims to bring to PowerCorpsPHL include compassion, leadership, and his dedication to service. In looking to the future, Joel eagerly looks forward to welcoming and working with future PowerCorpsPHL cohorts.

Wayne Rucker (Assistant Crew Leader)

Wayne served as a member of the first cohort and is now serving his second term with PowerCorpsPHL, this time as an Assistant Crew Leader. 

Wayne is proud of the insight, drive, and level of enthusiasm he brings to PowerCorpsPHL. To Wayne, the best part of being a PowerCorpsPHL member is having the opportunity to do things he has never done before.

Jeron Coleman

Age: 23
What are some words that describe you?
Skilled worker, positive role model, good uncle, responsible

Jeron feels that the best part about being in PowerCorpsPHL is learning different work involving the environment, such as dealing with invasive plants, learning how to build garden beds, and plant and tend to plants. One of his proudest experiences with the program so far is participating in the PowerCorpsPHL chant at the start of a day, which helps him get motivated. After he completes his term of service, Jeron hopes to work with PowerCorpsPHL as an ACL or work with the sanitation department.

Jabriel Lassiter

Age: 21
What are some words that describe you?
Perseverance, good citizenship

One of the proudest moments that Jabriel has experienced so far as a member of PowerCorpsPHL was attending the first cohort’s graduation, because it made him realize what he can accomplish if he sets his mind to it and strives for greatness. He believes that the best part about being in PowerCorpsPHL is working and interacting with his fellow crew members. Jabriel aspires to complete his associate’s degree in automotive technology, then return to school to obtain a bachelor’s degree in business. He has always been a huge fan of cars and dreams of opening his own shop one day.

Luis Ortiz

Age: 23
What are some words that describe you?
Hard worker, team player, open-minded

Luis feels proud to be a member of PowerCorpsPHL and hopes that it will open more doors for him. His favorite thing about being a member of PowerCorpsPHL is being able to help out communities by cleaning up parks, recreation centers, streets, and other spaces. One year from now, he plans to join the army.

Jaleel Williford

Age: 22
What are some words that describe you?
Proud parent, skilled with technology, good dancer

Jaleel says that the best part about being a PowerCorpsPHL member is that it opens up so many doors and opportunities. He has been able to have new experiences, such as going to different parts of the city and meeting new people through so many different networking opportunities. His proudest moment so far as a member of PowerCorpsPHL was when he found out that he had been selected to interview with the Philadelphia Water Department. He says that even though he didn’t receive a job offer, the pride he felt at being selected inspires him to try even harder for the future. Looking ahead, Jaleel hopes to obtain a steady job so that he can care for his daughter and he plans to use the education award that he earns from his service to help him get back into school.

Dantez Windle

Age: 26
What are some words that describe you?
Hardworker, open to learning new things, thoughtful

Dantez says that the best part about being a member of PowerCorpsPHL is making a difference in his community. He is proud that their work makes it safe and better for the kids to play at the sites where he has served. Additionally, he enjoys the fact that he feels he is learning new things almost every day. Dantez’s proudest moment so far during his service as a corps member was when he saw before and after pictures from his crew’s work at Happy Hollow Playground, and he knew he’d carried his weight in making that project successful. In a year, Dantez hopes to balance his life working and going to school part-time.



Derrick Poughderrickp_joelscrew_pcphl2_headshots

Age: 22
What are some words that describe you?
Critical thinker, Leader, Hardworker, dedicated

Derrick says that the best part of being a PowerCorpsPHL corps member is waking up in the morning with a positive attitude and knowing that the service he performs will have a positive impact on the planet’s resources. He feels he is a part of a life changing phenomenon, a movement, and he is proud to wear the PowerCorpsPHL emblem. He is also proud of exceeding his benchmark hours because that means he is giving his all. Derrick feels that going above what is required is the best feeling and he demonstrates that every day that he shows up on time to serve. He is not sure where he will wind up in the future, but he aspires to create something that will exceed him in years and knows that he will dedicate 110% commitment to his future endeavors.


Jerrell Tunstall

Age: 22
What are some words that describe you?
Proud to be here

Jerrell feels that the best part of being in PowerCorpsPHL so far has been the training. He found the first two weeks of training to be fun, mostly because he had the opportunity to meet other young people like himself and get to know them better. His proudest moments so far during his service with PowerCorpsPHL have been instances in which strangers have come up to them to tell them they’ve done a good job and to thank them for giving children access to a clean park to come and play in. Jerrell aspires to support himself, live on his own, save money and own a small company one day.