Meet Cohort 4 Crews: Green Ambassadors

Learn more about our corps members. Read what corps members said about themselves, their aspirations, and why they are excited to be serving as PowerCorpsPHL members.

Mabari ByrdMabari Byrd
Crew Leader
Keith BookerKeith Booker
Assistant Crew Leader
Toriano GoldmanToriano Goldman
Corps Member
Terrell ReddickTerrell Reddick
Corps Member
Shyheim Dorsey-GriffinShyheim Dorsey-Griffin
Corps Member
Majae BakerMajae Baker
Corps Member
Donyae WilliamsonDonyae Williamson
Corps Member
Darrell DrewDarrell Drew
Corps Member
Camrin RossCamrin Ross
Corps Member

Mabari Byrd (Crew Leader)mabari-byrd

A creative professional with diverse experience providing leadership, training, structure, and opportunities, and community engagement for the benefit of children, adolescents, and young adults across Philadelphia.
Mabari possesses a very organic yet purposeful leadership style that is effective on many levels. He’s an excellent problem solver which really speaks to his ability to create and execute effective strategies that engages youth in a very impactful way. He has a passion for group development and cultivating leadership among youth of all ages.
As a founding PowerCorpsPHL Crew Leader for both Parks & Rec. and PWD Green Stormwater Infrastructure Maintenance department having managed over 500+ Community Development and Environmental Stewardship project across Philadelphia, Mabari consistently delivers a high quality project management experience. He is also a dynamic workshop facilitator as well having experience in teaching environmental literacy, strategic goal planning, social entrepreneurship, basic financial literacy, finding life balance, proper workplace etiquette, and much more.
Mabari strongly advocates for the improvement of employment outcomes for youth, effective mentoring programs for minority males and females, and building capacity to effectively engage youth and community as partners.

Keith Booker (Assistant Crew Leader)keith-booker

What do you want to do after PowerCorpsPHL? Or who do you aspire to be?
“After PowerCorpsPHL, I aspire to become an advocate for the juveniles of Philadelphia. When I was growing up, I was subjected to a substantial amount of advocates who could not relate to or begin to understand the life I lived, and that in turn made me object to their authority. I feel if the youth of Philadelphia had a positive role model in their lives who comes from a similar background as them, they would be far better off.”

Throughout his 8 months plus and counting with PowerCorpsPHL, Keith has grown significantly, becoming, “tice the man and professional” he was before joining. PowerCorpsPHL has given him the opportunity to reach his full potential and become a strong part of a positive shift for his city and all its residents. Being a part of PowerCorps has encouraged Keith to become a more responsible, reliable, and trustworthy young man. And althought he still makes mistakes, he now understands that life takes time, and greatness is not given but earned. He owes this understanding to his experience serving with PowerCorps. He would like to thank the staff as well as his Crew Leader, Mr. Byrd, who has taught him so much. He is grateful for the opportunity to be an Assistant Crew Leader, to teach, and to help support new corps members as previous members did for him.

Toriano Goldmantoriano-goldman

What excites you most about PowerCorpsPHL?
“What excites me the most is that all the doors of opportunity that I thought were once closed seemed to have opened back up, with more appearing each day that I serve my community.”

Toriano was born and raised in Philadelphia and graduated from Paul Robeson High School. He takes pride in serving the community as an AmeriCorps member. He realized after high school that working job to job was not enough, and didn’t get him very far in trems of identifying the career that interested him. This, added to a mixture of bad choices, wasn’t helping him get any closer to reaching personal success. Joining PowerCorpsPHL has given Toriano the chance to be great, reshape his life, and rebuild his community. He enjoys improving the environment for the next generation through his work. Fighting through personal adversity has made him realize how much the youth need to be guided and molded so they have the best opportunity to accomplish their goals.

Terrell Reddickterrell-reddick


Terrell is delighted and enthused about being a part of PowerCorps and all it has to offer. He feels the program is inspirational and provides the essential tools which he will need to advance in the workforce and as an individual. He believes that PowerCorpsPHL enables him to give back to the community that he “took so much from.”

Shyheim Dorsey-Griffinshyheim-dorsey-griffin

“Coming into PowerCorps, I really didn’t know what to expect. All I knew was that I was looking for better opportunities for myself to make positive changes in my life.”

Shyheim came to PowerCorpsPHL because he wanted to challenge himself and show the world that, as long as he stays focused and motivated, he can accomplish anything that he puts his mind to. Like many youth from his neighborhood, Shyheim didn’t have an easy time growing up. But instead of justifying his negative behavior with his struggles, he decided to use them to fuel his focus toward doing something meaningful with his life. Joining PowerCorps has provided him with a platform to develop more confidence and strength toward striving toward achieving his goals. This opportunity has inspired him to put his positive thoughts into action, and to eventually turn his dreams iinto reality through hard work. He already feels like PowerCorps is his second family. He would like to thank his crew for their support and for the bond they have already created, his Crew Leader, Mr. Byrd, for providing him with this opportunity and seeing the potential in him at such an early stage in the cohort. He wants to be a strong member and teammate, and an official Ambassador for the next cohort to come.

Majae Bakermajae-baker


Majae joined PowerCorps because she wanted to try something new, learn some new skills, and help better her future by furthering her education. PowerCorpsPHL continues to teach Majae how to be better prepared to complete her goals and reach her full potential.

Donyae Williamsondonyae-williamson

“I joined PowerCorpsPHL because I knew I wasn’t optimizing my full potential.”

Donyae knew that she wanted to go to school, but she also knew in her heart that returning to further her education wouldn’t be easy. Fortunately, her mom and a close family friend informed her about PowerCorpsPHL, and all the benefits of the program. Donyae was excited to hear about the opportunity to receive an Eli Segal AmeriCorps Education award, so she decided to give PowerCorps a try. She felt that trying something new would be a big step toward achieving her educatino goals. So far, she is really enjoying her experience with PowerCorpsPHL, and she is eager to learn more about the various ways she can help her community.

Darrell Drewdarrell-drew

“I chose to join PowerCorps because when I was growing up, there weren’t many positive role models in my neighborhood for me to look up to for guidance.”

Darrell experienced a lot of negativity when he was growing up, and says he noticed a “powerful illusion that there was an easy way out.” As he got older, he realized that there is no such thing as an easy way out, or a shortcut to reaching your personal success. He understands that if you desire to be successful in life, you must be willing to work hard and dedicate yourself toward accomplishing your goals. Darrell joined PowerCorps because he wants to be a positive role model for the generations to come, and also to help better the environment so that the many generations after him will have a stable and positive environment that will allow them the opportunity to be great individuals.

Camrin Rosscamrin-ross

Age: 24
What are some words that describe you?
“Upbeat, level-headed, hard worker, and humorous.”

Camrin is most excited about the hard work and sweat that he gets to put into his work on projects with PowerCorpsPHL. The most influential idea in his life right now is that of being successful for his family. More than anything else, he is proud of the dedication that he has demonstrated to changing what he describes as his “bad ways.” After graduating from PowerCorpsPHL, he would like to work for the City of Philadelphia while pursuing his college degree part-time online.