Meet Cohort 4 Crews: The Aquaholics

Learn more about our corps members.Read what corps members said about themselves, their aspirations, and why they are so excited to be serving as PowerCorpsPHL members.

Shaneeta BagleyShaneeta Bagley
Crew Leader
Tyrese GrayTyrese Gray
Corps Member
Stanley MorganStanley Morgan
Corps Member
Rashawn SmithRashawn Smith
Corps Member
Michael ThomasMichael Thomas
Corps Member
Lance CarterLance Carter
Corps Member
Andre CollierAndre Collier
Corps Member
Cerrone BeloCerrone Belo
Corps Member

Shaneeta Bagley (Crew Leader)shaneeta-bagley

Shaneeta Bagley and her crew The Aquaholics are taking PowerCorpsPHL by storm! She continues to maintain her proven and undefeated track record of successful members during and after PowerCorpsPHL and as a result has bragging rights of the following: 1 member in the Sanitation Department of Philadelphia, 3 in the Apprenticeship Program at PWD, 1 in college studying Engineering and is currently working with AKRF in the Green StormWater Infrastructure field, amongst 11 dynamic Corps Members currently setting the precedent for their future with PWD other career opportunities up the pipeline as well! She continues to lead with her fiery passion and exhilarating vigor as she is known for wearing three hats with her team “The Coach, The Mentor, and The Cheerleader.” With her winning attitude, it is clear she came to win, she came to conquer and she came to lead her corps members to greatness.

Tyrese Graytyrese-gray

Age: 20
What are some words that describe you?
“Creative, smart, helpful, and adventurous.”

Tyrese is a Cohort IV reupper who previously served in Cohort III. The most exciting aspect of his experience with PowerCorpsPHL has been working with the Water Department as well as with his crew and creating a family-like bond. His crew leader, Shaneeta Bagley, and his supervisor from the Water Department have both been very influential on him during his time as a PowerCorpsPHL corps member. Tyrese is proud of himself for overcoming things that he wasn’t used to when faced with new challenges, and after PowerCorps he would like to work a full-time job with HVAC in some capacity.

Stanley Morganstanley-morgan

Age: 27
Who is the greatest influence on you?
“Every staff [member] that I am connected with influences me positively, but the greatest influence would be my crew leader Ms. Bagley.”

Stanley is a humble, passionate, hard-working, and approachable members of the PowerCorpsPHL family. He is excited about the positive influences that program gives to its members and those that “pay attention,” as he likes to put it. He is most proud of his ability to overcome his past to provide a better future for himself. After PowerCorpsPHL, he would like to get into community organizing, possibly in the field of youth advocacy for young people in his neighborhood.

Rashawn Smithrashawn-smith

Age: 23
What accomplishment are you most proud of?
“I’m proud that I completed high school on time. I could have quit and given up so many times. I also got my [driver’s] license–CDL [Commercial Driver’s License] next!”

Rashawn is a family man who says that his cousin and grandmother are the two biggest influences in his life. He describes himself as a smart, calm, playful, and caring man. When he graduates from PowerCorpsPHL, he would like to re-up for a second cohort! In the long-term, he says that his goal is to, “…be a better me. Think more before actions.”

Michael Thomasmichael-thomas


Michael is a Cohort IV corps member with The Aquaholics. Check back soon for more info on this member!

Lance Carterlance-carter

Age: 26
What accomplishment are you most proud of?
“Being an AmeriCorps member and engaging in national service.”

Lance is happy to have the opportunity to give back and make a positive impact on the community. He considers himself an energetic, optimistic, ambitious, and hard-working person, who looks to his daughter for inspiration. After PowerCorpsPHL, he would like to continue his career as an IT professional and find ways to give back using technology as a tool.

Andre Collierandre-collier


Andre Collier is a Cohort IV corps member of The Aquaholics crew. Check back soon for more info on this member!

Cerrone Belocerrone-belo

Age: 22
What are some words that describe you?
“Confident, motivated, very determined.”

Cerrone Belo says that he draws inspiration and influence from inside himself. Believing in himself more is what pushes him to go harder. He is excited to be a part of something that can impact and affect his community and city in a positive way, and is proud to say that he is a member of The Aquaholics, helping to beautify Philadelphia. After PowerCorpsPHL, he would like to work with youth, so he plans to enroll in City Year and continue his service.