Meet Cohort 4 Crews: The Global Invaders

Learn more about our corps members. read what corps members said about themselves, their aspirations, and why they are excited to be serving as PowerCorpsPHL members.

AJ AdamsAJ Adams
Crew Leader
Darren BrownDarren Brown
Assistant Crew Leader
Tevin DeloatcheTevin Deloatche
Corps Member
Nick LaroccaNick Larocca
Corps Member
Lamar DixonLamar Dixon
Corps Member
Karisma GreenKarisma Green
Corps Member
Joseph BarnesJoseph Barnes
Corps Member
Jenicia SmithJenicia Smith
Corps Member
Eric DanielsEric Daniels
Corps Member
Chris DiazChris Diaz
Corps Member

AJ Adams (Crew Leader)aj-adams

A.J. Adams grew up in a small town in central PA, but has made Philadelphia his home for the past three years. He obtained his Masters Degree in Counseling from West Chester University and uses the knowledge he obtained to educate youth. As a Crew Leader for PowerCorpsPHL, A.J. has a strong passion to educate and empower PowerCorpsPHL members so that they become active and productive members of the Philadelphia community. He feels that with the resources and connections that PowerCorpsPHL has with the city the members will be able to obtain long-term employment and continue their education all while making the city a greener and safe environment.

Darren Brown (Assistant Crew Leader)darren-brown

What are some words that describe you?
“Hardworking, determined to take on challenges, and a team player and dependable.”

Darren is excited to have the opportunity to give back to his community by working to improve the environment and provide suitable spaces for children to play in and for community members to enjoy. He is proud to work alongside his crew members in a team, where they have fun as they work to help make the city greener. After his time with PowerCorpsPHL, Darren aspires to work hard in a job in which he is able to use leadership and professional skills that he hopes to have strengthened as a corps member.

Tevin Delouatchetevin-deloatche

What are your plans after PowerCorpsPHL?
“I look forward to continuing my education in a field that I am interested in, or continuing with another term of service with PowerCorpsPHL.”

Tevin is excited to get the chance to see different parts of the city and help make Philadelphia a greener place. He describes himself as a happy, fun, laid-back, and dependabel guy. He is proud to have the opportunity to learn about the environment and to open doors for his future. He has learned a lot about himself and how much he can contribute to change.

Nick LaRoccanick-larocca-large

What excites you about this opportunity?
“Potential employment with the City, and gaining the experience and knowledge I need to work in any environment.”

Nick is, in his own words, a dedicated, motivated, and determined young man. Since joining PowerCorpsPHL, he is most proud of the work that he and his crew have completed and the transformations they have contributed to Philadelphia. After his time with PowerCorpsPHL, he would like to gain meaningful employment and go back to school to continue his education.

Lamar Dixonlamar-dixon

What are some words that describe you?
“Funny, cool, intelligent, quiet, modest.”

Lamar is excited to join PowerCorpsPHL and is looking forward to clean up the communities in Philadelphia, network with influential people, and learn new skills such as plant identification. So far, the thing he is most proud of from his time with PowerCorpsPHL has been being recognized by the public when he and his crew are working hard to improve the city. He is also proud of making sacrifices to help propel his future in a positive direction. He hopes to find a job pertaining to land-care where he can apply the skills he’s learned with PowerCorpsPHL when his cohort is over.

Karisma Greenkarisma-green

What are some words that describe you?
“Charismatic, dedicated, intelligent, and innovator.”

Karisma is proud that by joining PowerCorpsPHL, she was brave and left her comfort zone. By making the choice to put herself in an environment where she will be working outside in the city’s parks and recreation centers with people she has never met before, she is expanding her boundaries and pushing herself. She excited to be a PowerCorpsPHL member because, “I’m excited about the opportunity to change the world and have a positive impact on our environment, as well as get people interested in our cause.” When she completes her service as a corps member, Karisma aspires to major in psychology and one day become a criminal profiler. She is the Youth Commissionaire of District 8 as appointed by Cindy Bass.

Joseph Barnesjoseph-barnes


Joseph Barnes is a Cohort IV corps member of The Global Invaders! Check back later for more info on this corps member.

Jenicia Smithjenicia-smith

What are you most proud of?
“I am most proud of my will to overcome negativity in my life.”

Jenicia is excited to be introduced to new opportunities, including networking opportunities, now that she is a returning corps member. After her time with PowerCorpsPHL, she is interested in going back to school to become a registered nurse. She aspires to provide for her daughter in the best way that she can. Jenicia describes herself as loyal, trustworthy and reliable.

Eric Danielseric-daniels

What are some words that describe you?
“Fun, adventurous for knowledge, and perceptive.”

Since joining PowerCorpsPHL, Eric is most proud of stepping out of his comfort zone, stepping up to meet new people, and taking on more of a leadership role. He is excited to network and meet new people, and to expand his connections to lead to a better future. After PowerCorpsPHL, Eric want to continue his education, and plans on enrolling at Temple University.

Christian Diazchris-diaz

What excites you about this opportunity?
“The work excites me as well as having a new experience.”

Chris is an ambitious, motivated young man who is “dedicated to hard work and the payoff.” Since joining PowerCorpsPHL, he is most proud of motivating his teammates and working alongside individuals who want to better themselves, just like Chris does. After PowerCorpsPHL, Chris intends to obtain a job with the Water Department, or become a semi-skilled laborer with the City.