Meet Cohort 3 Crews: Black Diamonds

Learn more about our corps members. Read what corps members said about themselves, their aspirations and why they are excited to be serving as PowerCorpsPHL members.  

Drew SubitsDrew Subits
Crew Leader
Malaka RosserMalaka Rosser
Assistant Crew Leader
Erica WilliamsErica Williams
Corps Member
Andre RichardAndre Richard
Corps Member
Jabriel LassiterJabriel Lassiter
Corps Member
Levar JacksonLevar Jackson
Corps Member
Thomesha ButlerThomesha Butler
Corps Member
Fil DavisFil Davis
Corps Member
Jason KlenkJason Klenk
Corps Member
Jaliyl RobinsonJaliyl Robinson
Corps Member
Archie DadeArchie Dade
Corps Member
Aquill PalmerAquill Palmer
Corps Member

Drew Subits (Crew Leader)pcphl3_drewsubits_drewsubits_crewleader_forweb

Drew Rinaldi Subits is very excited to be joining the PowerCorpsPHL team as a crew leader.  He has been a Social Studies teacher throughout Philadelphia for the past 8 years, serving students in both public and charter schools, as well as coaching soccer, basketball, football, and track & field.  He also began and facilitated youth leadership programs such as youth congress, peer mediation, chess, and gardening/outdoors clubs at the various schools in which he has worked.  He loves working with youth because he loves their energy and it inspires him when young people make positive decisions to better themselves and those around him.  He is very excited to be doing hands-on environmental work because it helps to reconnect people with the most basic elements of life and nature, and most importantly because now the future depends on it.

Drew studied Journalism, Political Science, and History at Temple University, where he was also a two-year member of the Men’s Soccer Team.  He later went back to Temple to earn his Master’s Degree in Social Studies Education.  He is originally from Allentown, PA.

Malaka Rosser (Assistant Crew Leader)pcphl3_drewsubits_malaakarosser_forweb

Age: 20
What are you most proud of?
“I am proud to be a PowerCorpsPHL member and Assistant Crew Leader, and proud to get the chance to teach others.”

Malaka served as a corps member during Cohort 2 and is now serving her second term with PowerCorpsPHL, this time as an Assistant Crew Leader. Malaka’s favorite part about being a PowerCorpsPHL member is that it has given her the opportunity to meet new people and make connections. She also enjoys gaining new experiences and learning about nature and the professional world. Malaka is interested in continuing with PowerCorpsPHL after this cohort is over. As an Assistant Crew Leader, she is excited to have the opportunity to teach others about her past experiences and serve as a mentor to corps members. Malaka describes herself as calm, adventurous, smart, kind and a dedicated hard worker.

Erica Williams

Age: 26
What about PowerCorpsPHL most excites you?
“Being around new people and learning how to cope and work as a team is very exciting. Being a part of this powerful generational movement… I’ve been waiting for a chance to change and opportunities to grow.”

Erica is proud to be a PowerCorpsPHL member. She is especially proud of how far she has come in her life and of the growth she sees in herself. She describes herself as outgoing and vibrant, humble and down-to-earth, motivated, punctual, and a leader. Erica plans to complete her associate’s degree in business administration and then pursue a bachelor’s degree. She is interested in starting her own business that deals with landscaping, real estate and interior design.

Andre Richard

Age: 22
What do you want to do after PowerCorpsPHL? Or who do you aspire to be?
“I want to go to school for carpentry, and I hope that PowerCorpsPHL can help me get started with that.”

Andre is proud of the leaders of his crew for making him feel that he is included and a part of something positive, and he is proud of himself for giving PowerCorpsPHL a try. He finds it motivating that everyone in his crew seems to put teamwork first.

Jabriel Lassiter

Age: 22
What are you most proud of?
“I’m proud of everybody that applied to PowerCorpsPHL, even the people that didn’t give it their 100%. I respect all of you for wanting to make a change for Philadelphia and yourselves. I hope that the entire cohort 3 gives their all, finishes strong and follows their dreams.”

Jabriel served as a corps member during Cohort 2 and is now serving his second term with PowerCorpsPHL. He finds it exciting to be able to work as a team to make a difference in communities throughout Philadelphia. He wants to make his city safe and healthier and he values that he and his fellow corps members have come together to work towards that goal as well as to be the best they can be and look out for one another. Jabriel aspires to earn his degree in collision repair, and then obtain his bachelor’s degree. He identifies as calm, cool and collected. Through his hard work, perseverance, dedication and listening skills, Jabriel aims to demonstrate skills as both a leader and a team player.

Levar Jackson

Age: 22
What are you most proud of?
“I’m proud of myself for joining PowerCorpsPHL because it’s giving me a chance to see that I can do more than be in the streets.”

Levar describes himself as caring, kind, quiet, and a dependable hard worker. He excited about PowerCorpsPHL because he has the opportunity to learn new things and he feels that when his time with the program is over, he will be able to say he improved himself as well as his community. Levar aspires to go to school and get his CDL so that he can become a truck driver.

Thomesha Butler

Age: 20
What about PowerCorpsPHL most excites you?
“The love as a group and the motivation.”

Thomesha is enthusiast about the work that she and her corps members will be performing and is especially excited to learn more about the environment. After this cohort, she is interested in serving another cohort with PowerCorpsPHL and exploring what other educational and work options may be available. Thomesha is most proud of three things: completing high school, serving with PowerCorpsPHL, and her daughter. She describes herself as caring and optimistic and strives to demonstrate perseverance and teamwork.

Fil Davis

Age: 21
What are some words that describe you?
“Musician, artist, loving, parent, father, respectful, love food, love my freedom and family”

Fil gets excited to come to work every day because of the people. He finds it motivational to work with the Crew Leaders and see the impact that the crews have on the communities they serve. Fil aspires to establish a career for himself so that he can provide for his family and hopes to one day tour professionally as a music artist. He is most proud of himself for joining PowerCorpsPHL and staying off the streets and out of jail.

Jason Klenk

Age: 21
What are you most proud of?
“I’m proud of how far I came in my life and I’m grateful for every day I get.”

Jason served as a corps member during Cohort 2 and is now serving his second term with PowerCorpsPHL. He feels that the impact PowerCorpsPHL has on communities in Philadelphia is truly amazing, and he is excited to play a role in bringing good to people and environments that need help. Jason aspires to be an advocate “for the people with no voice” – particularly, people who have been trafficked. He is also interested in starting his own construction company and hiring people who have experienced hardships and disadvantages in their lives. Jason identifies as funny, fun, awesome, faithful and a man of God.

Jaliyl Robinson

Age: 21
What are you most proud of?
“I’m proud of myself because instead of just being another statistic I chose to go back to school. August 29th was one of the best days in my life, the day I got to prove to anybody who would doubt me or just didn’t believe in me. I graduated from YouthBuild Philly Charter.”

Jaliyl identifies as hardworking, organized, dedicated, caring, humble, optimistic and outgoing. He is excited that PowerCorpsPHL is still a new program because he feels that by being accepted, he has the chance to be a part of shaping its history and impacting the program itself in a positive way. After he completes his service with PowerCorpsPHL, Jaliyl plans to return to school to study masonry, where he will learn bricklaying and roofing.

Archie Dade

Age: 22
What are some words that describe you?
“Quiet, motivated, thankful, easy to get along with, and easy to make friends”

Archie finds it exciting to meet and work alongside people from different parts of Philadelphia and work in such a motivational environment. After PowerCorpsPHL, he hopes to obtain steady employment and move himself forward towards a successful future. Archie is proud to have made it this far, and is proud of how he is able to communicate and get along with his fellow corps members.

Aquill Palmer

Age: 20
What about PowerCorpsPHL most excites you?
“I am excited about meeting new people and making new friendships, and already knowing my crew has my back.”

Aquill identifies as a hard worker who is willing to learn. After her completes this term of service with PowerCorpsPHL, he is interested in serving again with the next cohort. Aquill describes himself as proud, joyful and peaceful.