Meet Cohort 3 Crews: Green Enforcers

Learn more about our corps members. Read what corps members said about themselves, their aspirations and why they are excited to be serving as PowerCorpsPHL members.  

Mabari ByrdMabari Byrd
Crew Leader
Javon MamasianJavon Mamasian
Assistant Crew Leader
Isaiah CupitIsaiah Cupit
Corps Member
Imani MackImani Mack
Corps Member
Brandon NealBrandon Neal
Corps Member
Brian SpenceBrian Spence
Corps Member
Roger PeayRoger Peay
Corps Member
Diamond HarrisDiamond Harris
Corps Member
Clifton LoganClifton Logan
Corps Member
Braheem CollinsBraheem Collins Corps Member Keith BookerKeith Booker
Corps Member

Mabari Byrd (Crew Leader)pcphl3_mabaribyrd_mabaribyrd_crewleader_forweb

Mabari–a founding Philadelphia Parks & Recreation Crew Leader for PowerCorpsPHL–is a Philly native who possesses a degree in Behavioral Health & Human Services along with the skills to motivate, empower and educate youth in a unique and effective way. He strives to inspire youth to pursue careers and/or post-secondary education. Under his leadership and through collaborations with Philly Parks & Recreation, city agencies, and various friends groups and community organizers, corps members obtain knowledge and skills in Environmental Sustainability, Natural Land Care Maintenance, Green Storm Water Infrastructure, and much more. As a youth, Mabari overcame similar challenges that many of the youth that he mentors face today. This experience contributes to bringing foresight and authenticity to Mabari’s leadership approach. He instills in youth that, “Facing challenges becomes less difficult, once you’ve fallen in love with the process of becoming great.”

Javon Mamasian (Assistant Crew Leader)pcphl3_mabaribyrd_javonmamasian_forweb

Age: 23
What are you most proud of?
“I am most proud of the man I have grown to be. I came a long way and my future is looking brighter and brighter.”

Javon served as a corps member during Cohort 2 and is now serving his second term with PowerCorpsPHL, this time as an Assistant Crew Leader. He describes himself as knowledgeable, dedicated and dependable and aspires to always operate with integrity. After PowerCorpsPHL, Javon plans to go to school to attain his commercial driver’s license. He hopes to one day start his own trucking company because he feels their will always be a need for such services. “What excites me most about PowerCorpsPHL is that this program is filled with opportunities and great staff. I started this program with an open mind and goals – goals that I have, and am still in the process of completing.”

Isaiah Cupit

Age: 23
What are some words that describe you?
“Dedicated, self-motivated and disciplined”

Isaiah is excited to be a member of PowerCorpsPHL because he feels that the staff truly wants to see corps members succeed and be the best at whatever they aspire towards. He is also enthusiastic to be connected to opportunities pertaining to jobs, school, and professional development. Isaiah feels that he is learning skills that are relevant in professional settings as well as in everyday life. When he completes his term of service with PowerCorpsPHL, Isaiah is interested in going back to school to study graphic design. He also dreams of playing basketball at the college level, and even travelling abroad to play basketball, if possible. Isaiah says he is most proud of his daughter because she is the best thing that ever happened to him, and she keeps him motivated.

Imani Mack

Age: 20
What are you most proud of?
“Being a good young single mother. I will not be a statistic. I am proud to be overcoming self obstacles that stopped me from going that extra mile.”

Imani describes herself as motivated, determined, and intelligent. She is confident and strong and takes pride in herself as an excellent parent. She is excited that PowerCorpsPHL gives her the opportunity to be a part of a team and enjoys interacting with her coworkers. She views her time as a corps member as an opportunity to learn new things about herself as well as the environment. Imani is interested in gaining employment with the city so that she can help make positive changes in Philadelphia. She is also interested in traveling and wants to make sure she does not limit herself. “I aspire to be the very best me that I can be.”

Brandon Neal

Age: 24
What are you most proud of?
“Having a son, and being in his life, and choosing to better myself for the sake of not only mine, but his life as well.”

Brandon is excited that as a PowerCorpsPHL member, he has the opportunity to improve himself and get himself on track to have a positive future. He hopes to one day have a career in which he can teach youth lessons he has learned during his life. Brandon describes himself as determined, committed, and focused on his goal.

Brian Spence

Age: 22
What about PowerCorpsPHL most excites you?
“The opportunity to give back to the community and to gain a positive and healthy attitude toward the environment.”

Brian is proud that the service he is completing as a PowerCorpsPHL member is providing neighborhoods with safer and cleaner parks, and as a result, his community is a better place for children to grow up in. He is interested in continuing to serve with AmeriCorps after his term as a PowerCorpsPHL member, and would like to further his education on the environment. Brian describes himself a focused, respectful and positive person. Given his determination, dedication and outgoing nature, he identifies as a leader.

Roger Peay

Age: 24
What about PowerCorpsPHL most excites you?
“Knowing that I’m making a difference and I’m getting knowledge that is taking me closer to a career.”

Roger is proud to be a PowerCorpsPHL member. He wants to be looked at as a person that is making a positive difference in this city. After his term of service, Roger is interested in finding employment in a position in which he can apply everything he’s learned during his time as a corps member. He also hopes to go to college and get a degree in business. Roger describes himself as motivated and dedicated.

Diamond Harris

Age: 20
What are some words that describe you?
“Quiet, funny, always laughing”

Diamond is proud that as a PowerCorpsPHL member, she helps her community and its youth by working to improve the environmental conditions in the city. After PowerCorpsPHL, she is interested in going back to school. Diamond is interested in studying nursing or attending a trade school.

Clifton Logan

Age: 21
What are you most proud of?
“I am proud of myself because each day I see myself become a better man and I like that.”

Clifton served as a corps member during Cohort 2 and is now serving his second term with PowerCorpsPHL. He is excited to continue to serve as a corps member because he believes that everyone in the staff of PowerCorpsPHL genuinely cares and that the program has helped him to become a better man. He describes himself as smart, kind, caring, and a leader. In the future, Clifton aspires to go to school or return to PowerCorpsPHL as an Assistant Crew Leader.

Braheem Collins

Age: 22
What are you most proud of?
“I’m most proud of myself because of the hardships I went through so far in life. I didn’t let my problems get in the way of my future. I’m proud that I learned to fall and get back up and didn’t let peoples’ actions determine my reactions.”

Braheem is excited that PowerCorpsPHL aims to connect youth to opportunities. “Our youth are our future and I’m glad that the PowerCorpsPHL staff understands and respects that.” He describes himself as determined, observant, self-motivated, loyal and dedicated. Braheem is interested in building a career for himself and going to school to obtain his real estate license.

Keith Booker

Age: 19
What do you want to do after PowerCorpsPHL? Or who do you aspire to be?
“After PowerCorpsPHL, I aspire to become an advocate for the juveniles of Philadelphia. When I was growing up, I was subjected to a substantial amount of advocates who could not relate to or begin to understand the life I lived, and that in turn made me object to their authority. I feel if the youth of Philadelphia had a positive role model in their lives who some from a similar background as them, they would be far better off.”

Keith feels that the most exciting thing about PowerCorpsPHL is the fact that it provides Philadelphia youth with a positive alternative to the ways of living that they have grown accustomed to, a second chance to connect to opportunities and achieve greatness in their lives. He is proud of himself for joining PowerCorpsPHL and taking steps to create a better and more productive life for himself and his fellow community members. Keith describes himself as focused, goal-oriented, determined and ready.