Meet Cohort 3 Crews: Spades

Learn more about our corps members. Read what corps members said about themselves, their aspirations and why they are excited to be serving as PowerCorpsPHL members.  

Mike HerrmannMike Herrmann
Crew Leader
Jahtieh PostellJahtieh Postell
Assistant Crew Leader
Jaleel WillifordJaleel Williford
Corps Member
Chilon CarrollChilon Carroll
Corps Member
Tommy TillmonTommy Tillmon
Corps Member
Rashaun FestusRashaun Festus
Corps Member
Genaya LeeGenaya Lee
Corps Member
Darryl BrodieDarryl Brodie
Corps Member
Sean JohnsonSean Johnson
Corps Member
Kalef JonesKalef Jones
Corps Member
Keisha SipesKeisha Sipes
Corps Member
Darren BrownDarren Brown
Corps Member

Mike Herrmann (Crew Leader)pcphl3_mikeherrmann_crewleader_forweb

Mike hails from New Hampshire but now proudly calls South Philadelphia his home. He feels that the the best part of being a founding PowerCorpsPHL crew leader is being on the ground floor and helping to see the program through its growing pains. Mike is proud of his abilities to exhibit leadership, commitment and flexibility. He anticipates that years from now, after the PowerCorpsPHL program has flourished, he will be able to look back on this time and say with pride that he was a part of the original group of leaders. He loves being witness to his crew’s excitement at getting jobs done and taking ownership of their accomplishments.

Jahtieh Postell (Assistant Crew Leader)pcphl3_mikeherrmann_jahtiehpostell_forweb

Age: 18
What are some words that describe you?
“Determined, hard-worker, understanding”

Jahtieh served as a corps member during Cohort 2 and is now serving her second term with PowerCorpsPHL, this time as an Assistant Crew Leader. Jahtieh is excited to be able to give back and do something for communities throughout Philadelphia. He loves having this opportunity to have a positive impact on kids and older people alike by doing good things, and hopes that his service will enforce the importance of doing these things in the minds of others. His proudest moment so far while serving was when he talked to a group of kids about the different projects he is working on with his crew and was able to hear from those kids all about what they already knew about the work PowerCorpsPHL crews are doing. Jahtieh hopes to continue to build upon his knowledge about the environment and develop himself professionally so that he will be an attractive candidate to employers in the future. He is also interested in attempting to go to college to see whether he can succeed in that environment.

Jaleel Willifordpcphl3_mikeherrmann_jalilwilliford_forweb

Age: 22
What about PowerCorpsPHL most excites you?
“The best part about being a PowerCorpsPHL member is that it opens so many doors and opportunities, such as going to different parts of the city and meeting new people.”

Jaleel served as a corps member during Cohort 2 and is now serving his second term with PowerCorpsPHL. He is proud of his technology skills and his dance skills. He is also a proud parent and looks forward to obtaining a steady job to help support his daughter. Jaleel also plans to use his education award to help him return to school.

Chilon Carroll

Age: 22
What are you most proud of?
“I am most proud of coming back for cohort 3 and completing my 900 hours for cohort 2. It is definitely an amazing feeling to complete something I started.”

Chilon served as a corps member during Cohort 2 and is now serving her second term with PowerCorpsPHL. She describers herself as respectful and dependable. As an optimistic, caring and love person, she aspires to motivate others. Chilon plans to go to college after PowerCorpsPHL and pursue a degree so that one day she can work as an addiction counselor. She says the the opportunities presented, and the support of the program and its staff are amazing. “The feeling of being welcomed gives me motivation to achieve and get things done.”

Tommy Tillmon

Age: 20
What are some words that describe you?
“Strong, hardworking, funny”

Tommy is excited to obtain new job skills during his time as a PowerCorpsPHL member. He feels good about working outside to improve his community. Tommy looks forward to obtaining his education award and plans to go to a trade school after his time with PowerCorpsPHL.

Rashaun Festus

Age: 21
What about PowerCorpsPHL most excites you?
“One thing that most excites me is the fact that we are coming from all over the city to help make our communities look better. I’m excited to be a part of this and to make a change in my neighborhood, the city, and the country.”

Rashaun describes himself as laid back, funny and determined. He is proud of his intellect and has an interest in computers and technology. He is most proud, however, of his mom, because of the job she has done as a single mother of 5 kids. Rashaun is interested in going back to school and pursuing his football career, and he is excited to have his experience with PowerCorpsPHL and pursue a degree so that he has different options and opportunities to explore in case football does not work out for him in the future.

Genaya Lee

Age: 22
What about PowerCorpsPHL most excites you?
“What most excites me is the teamwork, just the fact that young adults can come together as a team to better a community.”

Genaya is proud of all of her successes and prides herself as a hard-worker. She describes herself as fun, outgoing, smart and empathetic. After her time as PowerCorpsPHL member, Genaya is interested in returning as an Assistant Crew Leader or a re-upper. She also has an interest in going to school to study computer technology.

Darryl Brodie

Age: 25
What are you most proud of?
“I’m proud to get up every morning and come to PowerCorpsPHL, and I thank PowerCorpsPHL for giving me a chance in life. I’m so proud and thankful for that.”

Darryl finds it exciting when he gets to explain PowerCorpsPHL to someone who has never heard of the program. He is enthusiastic about everything there is to learn, as well as the opportunity to work alongside people from different areas of the city. Darryl describes himself funny, honest, determined, loyal, and ambitious. He aspires to be a successful man, to maintain a job and be there for his family. “My dad always told me, ‘Don’t be like me, be better than me.'”

Sean Johnson

Age: 26
What about PowerCorpsPHL most excites you?
“I like the new skills I’m introduced to every day. I like the group I’m involved with and the career opportunities I’m setting for myself. I get excited when the team works on plans and sticks to it and doesn’t back down from challenges.”

Sean is proud to be there for his crew and help his fellow corps members get through challenges and problem solve. Also, with the support of his crew, he been working to overcome his stage fright. Sean describes himself as respectful, understanding, and a decent comedian. He is interested in continuing to work with PowerCorpsPHL in the future so that he can pass on his knowledge to the next cohort and continue to serve communities throughout Philadelphia.

Kalef Jones

Age: 22
What do you want to do after PowerCorpsPHL? Or who do you aspire to be?
“I just want to be successful and proud of myself and who I’ve become. I want to be a person that earns respect by being positive and by actually achieving my goals.”

Kalef is proud of himself and the path that he is on because he feels that if he continues on this path, he can become something great. He describes himself as quiet, observant, ambitious and confident. Above all else, he prides himself for his strength and determination that he won’t be led astray from his future goals. Kalef is excited that PowerCorpsPHL points members in the right direction while giving them the opportunity to find themselves as people.

Keisha Sipes

Age: 24
What about PowerCorpsPHL most excites you?
“The most exciting thing about PowerCorpsPHL is that I can learn more about things like landscaping, something I can be interested in. I can build a career for me and my daughter.” 

Keisha is interested in pursuing a career in landscaping when she completes her service with PowerCorpsPHL, so she is very excited to have this opportunity to learn more about the field during her time as a corps member. She describes herself as shy person and a hard-worker who loves fashion. Keisha is proud of her daughter for starting school and learning new things, and of herself for being a good mother.

Darren Brown

Age: 24
What are some words that describe you?
“Hardworking, determined to take on challenges, and a team player and dependable”

Darren is excited to have the opportunity to give back to his community by working to improve the environment and provide suitable spaces for children to play in and for community members to enjoy. He is proud to work alongside his crew members in a team, where they have fun as they work to help make the city greener. After his time with PowerCorpsPHL, Darren aspires to work hard in a job in which he is able to use leadership and professional skills that he hopes to have strengthened as a corps member.