Meet Cohort 3 Crews: Water Inc.

Learn more about our corps members. Read what corps members said about themselves, their aspirations and why they are excited to be serving as PowerCorpsPHL members.  

Pat EdouardPat Edouard
Crew Leader
Paul JohnsonPaul Johnson
Assistant Crew Leader
Braheim MillerBraheim Miller
Corps Member
Juan MatosJuan Matos
Corps Member
Darius EppsDarius Epps
Corps Member
Luis PerezLuis Perez
Corps Member
Marquine GaineyMarquine Gainey
Corps Member
Benjamin SantiagoBenjamin Santiago
Corps Member
Corey EarlyCorey Early
Corps Member

Pat Edouard (Crew Leader)pcphl3_patedouard_benjaminsantiago_forweb

Pat Edouard began to work as a Crew Leader during Cohort 2. He has 13 years of experience working and volunteering in community education–both in non-profit and for-profit settings–with varying demographics across multiple cities and states including New York, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C. He has advocated for breaking barriers and bridging gaps that will create culturally aware youth and greater global communities. Pat has an unparalleled work ethic and a strong passion for helping children, families, and communities by committing to long-term, attainable, and sustainable success. His work addresses this challenge on emotional, social, physical, spiritual, and financial levels.

Pat’s involvement in the community has run the gamut from introducing Mayor Michael A. Nutter and speaking during the press conference for International Family Day to conducting SAT Prep with local youth at Martin Luther King Jr. Recreation Center. Among his other community activities, Pat participated in a career panel for University City High School at UPenn and a teen relationships panel at Temple, is active in local STEM initiatives, and has been asked to speak on WURD 900 am multiple times addressing gender, racial, education, and community-related topics. He has been very active in conducting youth interest groups for College-Bound Boys Talk and Operation Aspiration, and has been interviewed by a number of local news organizations for his activities related to community involvement of young black men and youth incarceration.

Paul Johnson (Assistant Crew Leader)pcphl3_patedouard_pauljohnson_forweb

Age: 24
What are you most proud of?
“I am proud of the fact that I took this opportunity and ran with it. I changed my whole life around and I’m glad to say I’m a new man.”

Paul served as a corps member during Cohort 2 and is now serving his second term with PowerCorpsPHL, this time as an Assistant Crew Leader. He describes himself as ambitious, strong-willed, intelligent, athletic, inspired, hopeful and a leader. Paul found inspiration from his experiences working in the green stormwater infrastructure maintenance crew, and now aspires to obtain a degree in Environmental Engineering and Landscaping Architecture. He wants to learn how to build and design green stormwater infrastructures and one day start a nonprofit that builds green stormwater infrastructures in open and abandoned lots. As far as PowerCorpsPHL is concerned, Paul is excited to be a part of the family environment that the program promotes.

Braheim Miller

Age: 20
What about PowerCorpsPHL most excites you?
“What most excites me is seeing that PowerCorpsPHL is more than a program, it’s a family. No matter what you go through, coming here will change your whole mindset.”

Braheim is proud to have the opportunity to serve as a corps member with PowerCorpsPHL because he views it as a second chance for him to prove his capabilities. He self-identifies as loyal, hardworking, dedicated and motivated. Braheim aspires to obtain full-time employment in the future, and is interested in working in the City’s sanitation department or the water department.

Juan Matos

Age: 22
What are some words that describe you?
“Team player, hard worker, loyal”

Juan is especially enthusiastic about the teamwork-oriented nature of the program. After he completes this term of service, he is interested in returning to PowerCorpsPHL for six more months, as an Assistant Crew Leader. Juan is most proud of his daughter.

Keyzette “Kizzy” Brockington-Ham

Age: 22
What are you most proud of?
“Completing 918 hours of service last cohort. Bringing the GSI (green stormwater infrastructure) crew to the new cohort. PowerCorpsPHL’s expansion.”

Kizzy served as a corps member during Cohort 2 and is now serving her second term with PowerCorpsPHL. She says she is most excited when she sees the satisfaction on the faces of community members, friends groups and fellow corps members after a job well done. She is enthusiastic about beautifying communities and working to pave ways for the children of the future. Kizzy identifies as energetic, blunt, curious, optimistic and intelligent. She plans to continue to pursue her degree in computer forensics and in the future, she aspires to obtain a doctoral degree in biochemistry.

Darius Epps

Age: 22
What are you most proud of?
“I am most proud of my grandmother. I look up to her, first of all because she raised me. Everything she ever had, she has worked hard for.”

Darius is most excited by the opportunities he hopes to connect to as a corps member with PowerCorpsPHL. He hopes that, given obstacles he has faced in the past, this program can help him to improve himself as a person for his family and for himself. He aspires to obtain a stable job after completing his time with PowerCorpsPHL. Darius describes himself as a very loyal person.

Luis Perez

Age: 22
What do you want to do after PowerCorpsPHL? Or who do you aspire to be?
“After PowerCorpsPHL, I want to get a part time job and pursue my degree in game art and production.”

Luis served as a corps member during Cohort 2 and is now serving his second term with PowerCorpsPHL. Luis is proud of all of the projects he played a role helping his crew complete during Cohort 2. He is excited by the opportunities that the program connects its members with, and looks forward to returning to college when he finishes his time with PowerCorpsPHL. Luis identifies as a dependable, hard worker and team player.

Marquine Gainey

Age: 21
What about PowerCorpsPHL most excites you?
“The fact that I will always learn more every day. Also, I will be giving back to our city by helping keep our water clean and our communities clean. PowerCorpsPHL is like a family and I am excited to serve in this program.”

Marquine describes himself as a team player who is strong, outgoing, friendly and supportive. He prides himself as hard worker and a thinker. He hopes to return to serve another term with PowerCorpsPHL as an Assistant Crew Leader or a re-upper. “I’m proud of myself for being a part of this movement. I’m becoming a better person and learning responsibility.”

Benjamin Santiago

Age: 22
What do you want to do after PowerCorpsPHL? Or who do you aspire to be?
“Become a youth counselor and work with at risk youth.”

Benjamin served as a corps member during Cohort 2 and is now serving his second term with PowerCorpsPHL. Benjamin is proud that he has a chance to give back to his city and be a part of something that is bigger than himself. He is excited about the chances and opportunities that may exist in his future following his term of service with PowerCorpsPHL. Benjamin aspires to become a youth counselor and serve his community in a positive way. He identifies as focused and determined and is happy that he is having a positive impact.

Corey Early

Age: 24
What about PowerCorpsPHL most excites you?
“What excites me the most about PowerCorpsPHL is the fact that it helps give youth an opportunity to really create a successful future for the rest of their lives.”

Corey is proud that he is staying out of trouble and continue to move along a positive path. He is interested in continuing to serve with PowerCorpsPHL after this cohort, because he believes this program can help him move forward towards his future goals. Corey describes himself as strong, charming, charismatic, genuine and real.

Ta’hir Brown

Age: 19
What do you want to do after PowerCorpsPHL? Or who do you aspire to be?
“I want to continue my education and continue to work and keep making progress every day.”

Ta’hir identifies as ambitious, friendly and outgoing, innovative and artistic, and a leader. He takes pride in his South Philadelphia roots. Ta’hir says he is most proud of the birth of his daughter. As a PowerCorpsPHl member, he is excited to have the opportunity to meet and work with many different and interesting individuals.