Meet Cohort 5 Crews: Water Inc.

Learn more about our corps members. Read what corps members said about themselves, their aspirations, and why they are excited to be serving as PowerCorpsPHL members.

Pat EdouardPat Edouard
Crew Leader
Antonio McKenzieAntonio McKenzie
Assistant Crew Leader
Shaquan AllenShaquan Allen
Corps Member
Chanel ButlerChanel Butler
Corps Member
Eloi CabaEloi Caba
Corps Member
Carlos GarciaCarlos Garcia
Corps Member
Dayquan GrahamDayquan Graham
Corps Member
Tyshon PerryTyshon Perry
Corps Member

Pat Edouard (Crew Leader)pat-website

Pat Edouard began to work as a Crew Leader during Cohort 2. He has 13 years of experience working and volunteering in community education–both in non-profit and for-profit settings–with varying demographics across multiple cities and states including New York, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C. He has advocated for breaking barriers and bridging gaps that will create culturally aware youth and greater global communities. Pat has an unparalleled work ethic and a strong passion for helping children, families, and communities by committing to long-term, attainable, and sustainable success. His work addresses this challenge on emotional, social, physical, spiritual, and financial levels.

Pat’s involvement in the community has run the gamut from introducing Mayor Michael A. Nutter and speaking during the press conference for International Family Day to conducting SAT Prep with local youth at Martin Luther King Jr. Recreation Center. Among his other community activities, Pat participated in a career panel for University City High School at UPenn and a teen relationships panel at Temple, is active in local STEM initiatives, and has been asked to speak on WURD 900 am multiple times addressing gender, racial, education, and community-related topics. He has been very active in conducting youth interest groups for College-Bound Boys Talk and Operation Aspiration, and has been interviewed by a number of local news organizations for his activities related to community involvement of young black men and youth incarceration.

Antonio McKenzie (Assistant Crew Leader)antonio-mckenzie

Age: 25
What are some words that describe you?
“I’m influential, motivated, and unique.”

Antonio is excited to engage in community outreach with PowerCorpsPHL because it gives him a chance to be invaluable. He is proud of himself for taking initiative and giving himself the opportunity to make an honest living. After PowerCorpsPHL, he would like to be a leader in community organizing. Everyone in Antonio’s household is an influence on him.

Shaquon Allenshaquon-allen

Age: 21
What about PowerCorpsPHL most excites you?
“What excites me most about PowerCorpsPHL is that I have the opportunity to learn about the history of the city I’m from, and also to fix it for the next generation.”

Shaquon is a hardworking, dedicated, determined, selfless, passionate, humble, and above-all motivated Cohort V member of Water Inc. The greatest influence in his life is his mother, because she never gave up on her children despite being a single mother: she never let that get in the way of her being a great mother. His proudest accomplishment is making it to see 21, as well as having the chance to change his and his family’s lives. After PowerCorpsPHL, Shaquon wants to go back to college to earn his degree in physical education and finish playing football. He aspires to be a successful black man, who can show young black males that there are many ways to make money and live comfortably without selling drugs of engaging in illegal activity.

Chanel Butlerchanel-butler

Age: 21
What accomplishment are you most proud of?
“Getting my high school diploma.”

Chanel is a smart hard-worker who has joined PowerCorpsPHL as a Cohort V crew member. She is most excited about being able to help the environment and give back to her community. The greatest influence in her life is Mr. Ameen, a staff member at her old school, who motivated her to be a better person. After PowerCorpsPHL, Chanel would like to go to school and either become an ACL or have a different job.

Eloi Cabaeloi-caba

Age: 21
Who is the greatest influence on you?
“My brothers have the greatest influence on me because they are family and I want to set a better example for them.”

Eloi is an intelligent and hard-working Cohort V member. What excites him most about PowerCorpsPHL is all the hard work everyone is going to put into making the community a better place. His proudest accomplishment is graduating high school and coming to PowerCorpsPHL to change his life. After PowerCorpsPHL, Eloi would like to go to college and further his education.

Carlos Garciacarlos-garcia

Age: 23
What accomplishment are you most proud of?
“I’m mostly proud of the man I’ve become over the years after a placement I was in over in Pittsburgh called George Jr Republic. That facility taught me how to conduct myself and showed me morals, respect, and discipline.”

Carlos is a competitive, amusing, respectful, loyal, outspoken, and serious Cohort V member of Water Inc. What he finds most exciting about PowerCorpsPHL is the opportunity to interact with others in an environment that he never saw himself ending up in. He is also excited about the new career paths that he has discovered through PowerCorpsPHL, which give him hope and faith for the future. The greatest influence in his life is his grandmother, because she came to the United States with $67 in her pocket and turned nothing into something. To this day she is a very healthy, strong independent woman who has never given up. Carlos finds her integrity inspiring. After PowerCorpsPHL, Carlos would like to find a well-paying job that will allow him to provide for himself and his son.

Dayquan Grahamdayquan-graham

Age: 20
What do you want to do after PowerCorpsPHL? Or who would you like to be?
“After I’m done my second term at PowerCorps I play on staying gainfully employed and finding a career I enjoy.”

Dayquan, a Cohort V reupper, describes himself as a tenacious person with a one-track mindset. He say that when he starts a task, he will not stop until it is complete. What excites him most about PowerCorpsPHL is that you never know who you will be networking with, and can build new relationships that could lead to further opportunities. The greatest influences in his life will always be his mother and where he comes from. His mother has been there for Dayquan since Day one, and he feels the need to give back. His neighborhood also drives him toward success, as it reminds him to never forget where he started. He is passionate about success, having spent his whole life in the slums. Dayquan’s proudest accomplishments are completing his first term with PowerCorps and then having the opportunity to come back and serve for another six months.

Tyshon Perrytyshon-perry

What are some words that describe you?

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