Meet Cohort 6 Crews: Real Ones

Learn more about our corps members on this Parks and Recreation crew. Read what corps members said about themselves, their aspirations, and why they are excited to be serving as PowerCorpsPHL members.

Shaneeta BagleyShaneeta Bagley
Crew Leader
Tyrone BrownTyrone Brown
Assistant Crew Leader
Bashir BoultonBashir Boulton
Corps Member
Sean GalesSean Gales
Corps Member
Angela HaginsAngela Hagins
Corps Member
Raheem StokesRaheem Stokes
Corps Member
Russell WalkerRussell Walker
Corps Member
Taliah Williams-PressleyTaliah Williams-Pressley
Corps Member
Kareem WilliamsKareem Williams
Corps Member

Shaneeta Bagley (Crew Leader)shaneeta-bagley

Shaneeta Bagley and her crew the Real Ones are taking PowerCorpsPHL by storm! She continues to maintain her proven and undefeated track record of successful members during and after PowerCorpsPHL and as a result has bragging rights of the following: 1 member in the Sanitation Department of Philadelphia, 3 in the Apprenticeship Program at PWD, 1 in college studying Engineering and is currently working with AKRF in the Green StormWater Infrastructure field, amongst eight dynamic Corps Members currently setting the precedent for their future with career opportunities up the pipeline as well! She continues to lead with her fiery passion and exhilarating vigor as she is known for wearing three hats with her team “The Coach, The Mentor, and The Cheerleader.” With her winning attitude, it is clear she came to win, she came to conquer and she came to lead her corps members to greatness.

Tyrone Brown (Assistant Crew Leader)tyrone-brown

I am 21 years old and was born in Philadelphia, PA. I describe myself as a hard worker, resilient, and a dedicated leader. I joined PowerCorpsPHL to not only make a positive change in myself but also in my community. I have also become a positive role model for those coming after me. My family, my team, and the thought of me coming to work and making a big change everyday motivate me. I’m looking forward to finishing this cohort strong and the great things that are coming my way in the future.

Bashir Boultonbashir-boulton

My name is Bashir Boulton. I’m 22 years old and I was born in Vineland, NJ. I’m funny, silly, and a hard worker. I joined PowerCorpsPHL because I wanted to do something new like help the city and keep it clean. My family motivates me to do wonderful things in the world. I’m looking forward to becoming a better and smarter person in life and to finish the program and enroll into college.

Sean Galessean-gales

Sean’s bio

Angela Haginsangela-hagins

My name is Angela Hagins aka Angie! I was born in Delaware but raised in West Philadelphia on a small block for 21 years. A little about myself, well I would describe myself as active, fun, creative, and outgoing. I love doing and trying new things. I love being outside in the elements and nature. I joined PowerCorpsPHL because it was an opportunity to step out of my comfort zone. It also was a start and new beginning to a professional environment and to help me learn about myself, as well as get to know others and work in a team, but also get a hands on feeling of helping out in local neighborhoods and communities. The things and people that motivate me are myself, my family, and things I desire in the future. I want my family to be able to depend on me and I am the provider. Also the sense of not wanting for nothing from no one. To be a young black woman that’s being the role model for younger black females and leading by example. What I’m looking forward to in PowerCorps as well as in life is a start to a professional career. To know my place in the world and do my best at what I love. I’m also looking forward to finding myself.

Raheem Stokesraheem-stokes

My name is Raheem Stokes and I was born in Philadelphia in 1993. I am 22 years old and I have 4 sisters and 2 brothers, I am the 3rd oldest. I am humble and outgoing. The reason I joined PowerCorpsPHL is to better my life and to obtain tools that I can use for the rest of my life. My family motivates me, the people in PowerCorps motivate me, and I am self-motivated. I am looking forward to getting my OSHA 30, and building myself up to become my own business owner of real estates.

Russell Walkerrussell-walker

My name is Russell Andrew Walker III. Some people call me Russ, Big Russ, and Big guy. I am 20 years old and was born in South Philly. I joined PowerCorpsPHL because it was different in a lot of ways and the type of work they do I really, really like. My family, friends, my dad, my girlfriend, and my pop-pops R.I.P motivate me. I am looking to get offered and get the highest position I can get, work my way up, and keep going up.

Taliah Williams-Pressleytaliah-williams-pressley

My name is Taliah. My nickname is Tee. I was born in Philadelphia at Einstein Hospital. I describe myself as a fun-loving and outgoing person. I wanted a change for myself. I opened up the door to new opportunities and trying new things. Struggling motivated and still motivates me because I don’t want to have to ask anybody for anything or depend on anybody. I have expensive taste, so I know that in order to pursue that goal of having things that I want, I have to work hard for it. I’m looking forward to developing my professionalism skills also meeting new people and welcoming new opportunities.

Kareem Williamskareem-williams

My name is Kareem Williams. I am 21 and will be 22 years old this summer on July 23rd, I am a Leo. I was born in Northside Philadelphia. I always had a mission to be determined because whatever I put my mind to I can do it, no question. I’m a hard worker, team player, and knowledgeable. I re-upped as a Lead Corps Member because I always had a passion to help others succeed and experience the greater things in life, as far as a strong positive support system. What motivates me is being alive, my two sons, family, and my PowerCorps family. I’m looking forward to leading my team in completing PowerCorpsPHL and expanding my knowledge on the process of being a supervisor. I’m also looking forward to being the best dad to my kids, and a better man to my family.