Meet Cohort 7 Crews: New Water Alliance

Learn more about our corps members on this Philadelphia Water crew. Read what corps members said about themselves, their aspirations, and why they are excited to be serving as PowerCorpsPHL members.

Kalef JonesKalef Jones
Crew Leader
Vincent RosarioVincent Rosario
Assistant Crew Leader
Demetrius BowieDemetrius Bowie
Corps Member
Douglas GriffinDouglas Griffin
Corps Member
Darien McCodeDarien McCode
Corps Member
Hector RiveraHector Rivera
Corps Member
Tyreke SavageTyreke Savage
Corps Member
Montez SpiveyMontez Spivey
Corps Member
Timiyah WatsonTimiyah Watson
Corps Member
Taliah Williams-PressleyTaliah Williams-Pressley
Corps Member

Kalef Jones (Crew Leader)kalef-jones

Kalef Jones was born and raised Philadelphia, PA in the northern section of the city. As a youth he always sought additional knowledge which led to numerous citywide contests and events. It wasn’t until the age 17 that he started to go down a bad path. By the age of 21 he had already been incarcerated 3 times in 2 years. It was then he told himself a change was desperately needed. So after serving a sentence of six months he returned to civilization a reformed individual.
Kalef worked closely with the P.A.A.N. program months before being offered a position with PowerCorpsPHL in the fall of 2014. It came during a very tumultuous time where tragedy had struck therefore altering his aforementioned aspirations. During his tenure at PowerCorpsPHL, Kalef soon became one of its rising stars. Since then he has been appointed the Assistant Crew Leader and then the Associate Crew Leader where he also was a intern in the Mayor’s Office. After 18 months of being a AmeriCorps member, he was promoted to Crew Leader where he leads one of the Green Stormwater Infrastructure crews in aesthetic maintence. He was the first AmeriCorps member in the history of PowerCorpsPHL to promoted to a full time staff member.
Kalef often says he sees his impact daily as he intrigues the members by introducing best practices as well as sharing personal experiences which allows him to resonate better with the members. The sky is truly the limit for this young man who continues to find innovative ways to further engage his fellow generation by getting them to understand our obligation to do better for the generations to come.

Vincent Rosario (Assistant Crew Leader)vincent-rosario

My name is Vince, I’m 24 years old and I’m from Philadelphia.  I’m a hype person, I’m always happy, and I’m smart.  I joined PowerCorpsPHL to better myself and to provide for my family.  My son is my motivation.  I’m looking forward to a wonderful time with PowerCorpsPHL and to gain more knowledge.

Demetrius Bowiedemetrius-bowie

My name is Demetrius, I’m 25 years old, and was raised in West Philadelphia.  I grew up with 4 sisters and 1 brother.  I’m an outgoing person and very determined to complete my goals.  In life, whatever I put my mind to, I know I can do it.  I don’t believe in quitting.  I joined PowerCorpsPHL to give back to the streets and better my life.   My daughter motivates me.  I’m looking forward to getting a better job and earning my OSHA certification.

Douglas GriffinDouglas-Griffin

My name is Douglas, I’m 25 years old, and I was born in Philadelphia.  I’m an outgoing person, I stay out of anything I can’t benefit from, I work hard, I’m a fast learner, I’m a leader and I’m a positive role model.  I joined PowerCorpsPHL to grow professionally.  I want to learn how to be a good worker and I want to learn the craft of networking.  My kids motivate me, I want to be able to provide what they need.  I’m looking forward to being successful at whatever it is I choose to do next.  I want to learn to be more humble and not overlook the things that won’t always be here.

Darien McCodeDarien-McCode

My name is Darien, I am currently 21 years of age, born and raised in West Philadelphia.  I’m a very laid back person, I’m good with technology, and I’m hands-on.  When I first heard of PowerCorpsPHL, I was told how much of an impact they have on the city and how they can assist me in achieving career goals.  I felt as though this would be the best place for me.  My mother, father, brothers, and sisters motivate me to work hard every day to achieve my goals and better myself.  I would like for my family to see that I can make it and help them as well.  I would like to get involved in Philadelphia Water and hopefully build a career within.

Hector RiveraHector-Rivera

My name is Hector, I’m 23 years old.  I have too many talents to explain.  I’m from Philadelphia.  I’m a very “go with the flow” type of person.  No matter how hard life gets, I always push forward and roll with the punches.  I joined PowerCorpsPHL because I was on Facebook about to tell a friend of mine Happy Father’s Day, and while I scrolled through his pictures I saw him wearing a PowerCorpsPHL shirt.  And it just went from there.  I’m motivated by the feeling I get when I accomplish or get through something extremely difficult.  That feeling is indescribable.  I’m looking forward to surviving! And knowing that when it’s all over I came out on top.  That I was somebody.  I’ll leave my mark on this world and that everyone remembers my name!

Tyreke SavageTyreke-Savage

My name is Tyreke.

Montez SpiveyMontez-Spivey

My name is Montez, I’m 23 years old, born and raised in Philadelphia.  In a couple words, I would say I’m a good dad, a respectful person, I’m athletic, a hard worker, and I am also very eager to learn new things and chase success.  I joined PowerCorpsPHL to better myself for my child and my family.  I want to earn a full time job or career.  My son motivates me.  My past, where I come from and what I’ve seen, motivate me.  I’m looking forward to getting a good job or career.

Timiyah WatsonTimiyah-Watson

My name is Miyah, I’m 18 years old and from North Philadelphia.  I’m goofy and fun to be around.  I’m motivated to succeed.  I joined PowerCorpsPHL to be successful and move forward in life instead of being stuck in one place and not doing anything but sitting around.  My struggle motivates me.  My hunger motivates me.  Coming from nothing motivates me.  I’m looking forward to being successful and being wealthy.  I want to do computer tech or home renovations.

Taliah Williams-Pressleytaliah-williams-pressley

My name is Taliah, I was born in the West Oak Lane portion of Philadelphia, also known as Uptown.  I would describe myself as outgoing and caring.  I joined PowerCorpsPHL to gain experience in a field of work that I’ve never tried before.  My family motivates me.  I’m looking forward to going back to school and getting my doctorate and becoming a Psychologist.