Meet Cohort 7 Crews: Triple R

Learn more about our corps members on this Philadelphia Parks and Recreation crew. Read what corps members said about themselves, their aspirations, and why they are excited to be serving as PowerCorpsPHL members.

Bryan JohnsonBryan Johnson
Crew Leader
Mikel WoodsMikel Woods
Assistant Crew Leader
James BurkeJames Burke
Corps Member
Tiara ClarkTiara Clark
Corps Member
Tarique ConquestTarique Conquest
Corps Member
Isaih HaithIsaih Haith
Corps Member
Ian HollandIan Holland
Corps Member
Jamir McGirtJamir McGirt
Corps Member
Alexis RosarioAlexis Rosario
Corps Member
Ashley SantiagoAshley Santiago
Corps Member
Dominic SpeachDominic Speach
Corps Member

Bryan Johnson (Crew Leader)Bryan-Johnson

Bryan Johnson was born and raised in Philadelphia.  He graduated from Roxborough High School in 2007.  He came to PowerCorpsPHL through RISE as a member in Cohort 5.  During his time as a member, he became more and more interested in the program and the field of work.  He was presented with the opportunity to be an Assistant Crew Leader (ACL) for Cohort 6; being ACL was not in his plans but he felt it was a good opportunity to gain supervisory experience and to earn another AmeriCorps education award.  During his cohort as an ACL, he fell in love with the job even more.  He was glad for the opportunity to help others the same way he was helped.  In Cohort 7, Bryan was hired to be a Crew Leader.  He has lots of knowledge about the program and he has experience with managing the changes that come with being a member of PowerCorpsPHL.  Bryan enjoys the family environment that PowerCorpsPHL creates and knows how it benefits the members.  He also appreciates that PowerCorpsPHL exposes young adults to lots of information that is useful to them.

Mikel Woods (Assistant Crew Leader)Mikel-Woods

My name is Mikel.  I was born and raised in Philadelphia.  When someone first introduced me to PowerCorpsPHL and explained what the program is about, I just knew I had to be part of the organization.  Since joining PowerCorpsPHL, I have earned my Forklift Certification, Mental Health First Aid, and my OSHA 30 Construction Safety Certification.  I am excited for Cohort 7 because this position allows me to show my leadership skills and knowledge to my fellow members.

James BurkeJames-Burke

My name is James and I’m a Philadelphia native.  As a child coming up in North Philadelphia, things weren’t so great for me and my family.  I learned responsibility and what the real character of a man consisted of.  Coming across PowerCorpsPHL was one of the greatest opportunities I’ve encountered.  I know nothing in life comes easy, and for that reason I dedicate myself to hard work.  I have to prove to myself that I deserve better, and to make my family proud.  I’m motivated by life itself, but my biggest motivation is to no longer be viewed as a negative person.  I look forward to being a role model, and to showing people that I’ve transitioned from negativity to positivity.

Tiara ClarkTiara-Clark

My name is Tiara, I was born and raised in Philadelphia.  I am currently 18 years old.  I consider myself to be funny, loving, caring and smart.  My secret talent is playing basketball and drumming.  I joined PowerCorpsPHL to gain experience, target a career, and to try something new.  I am a dedicated, hard working person.  I really enjoy PowerCorpsPHL because it’s hands-on and you meet lots of new people.  My motivation comes from my family, friends, PowerCorpsPHL staff, and myself.  I hope to gain certifications, skills, and build a better resume to get a career.  I am looking forward to a great experience!

Tarique ConquestTarique-Conquest

My name is Tarique, I was born in Philadelphia.  I’m 18 years old.  A fun fact about me is that I love music and my secret talent is rapping.  I joined PowerCorpsPHL because it sounded like an amazing opportunity to leave the streets alone.  There are so many things that come with being a PowerCorpsPHL member, it’s awesome.  Money is my motivation.  I’m excited to earn my OSHA 10, then my OSHA 30 and other certifications.  I’m looking forward to earning the AmeriCorps Education Award and becoming an AmeriCorps alumni.

Isaih HaithIsaih-Haith

My name is Isaih, I’m 26 years old and I was born in Philadelphia.  I’m a hands-on person and I’m hardworking.  I always aim to be at least 15 minutes early to work.  A fun fact about me is  I am like water to any working environment.  I joined PowerCorpsPHL to stay work ready and to obtain certifications that will be beneficial to my team working skills.  My motivation is knowing that everyday I wake up it’s an opportunity for learning valuable information.  I’m looking forward to growing in PowerCorpsPHL and in life.

Ian HollandIan-Holland

My name is Ian, I’m 24 years old, and I was born and raised in the NorthWest section of Philadelphia.  I’m a fun, energetic person that is always willing to help someone when in need.  A quick fun fact about me is that 6 days out of the week I will wear a hat–even with a new hair cut.  The reason I joined PowerCorpsPHL is because I wanted to make a difference not only with my community but with my life.  PowerCorpsPHL gives you an opportunity to gain skills that will help you in your career and in life, I wanted to be a part of that.  My younger brother motivates me.  I want him to live life easy, so if I have to do all the hard work just for him to live comfortably, I will.  In PowerCorpsPHL, I’m expecting to be better than I was years ago.

Jamir McGirtJamir-McGirt

My name is Jamir, I’m 22 years old and I was born in Philadelphia.  I describe myself as an inspiring, outgoing, joyful human being.  I love to play sports no mater what kind.  My secret talent that I haven’t revealed to people is I know how to do female’s hair and cut hair.  I joined PowerCorpsPHL for multiple reasons, my children are the main reason.  They need to see a positive role model in our house.  I am also a hand-on worker.  My family motivate me.  My wife pushes me every time I’m down and feel like I can’t move on.  I’m looking forward to a career, I’m in the process of exploring and expanding my skills and talents.

Alexis RosarioAlexis-Rosario

My name is Alex, I’m 19 years old.  I was born in Philadelphia.  I would describe myself as a passionate person, I like to encourage people and route them to success.  Knowing how it feels to be put down constantly and surrounded by negativity, I wouldn’t want anyone to experience that.  One thing I like to say about myself is, I like to listen and give honest feedback.  Criticism is the key to be the best you.  A secret talent I have is I love to write and produce music.  I joined PowerCorpsPHL to live a life my family couldn’t.  I want to give people hope and help them believe change is good.  My motivation to keep going onward is seeing people struggle through life and people overcoming certain situations, whether it’s depression, mental illness, or simply changing their lives for the better.  It helps inspire me in my path in life.  I’m looking forward to being the success people want me to be and I hope I can do that for other people.

Ashley SantiagoAshley-Santiago

My name is Ashley, I’m 21 years old, and I’m from North Philadelphia.  I would describe myself as a shy, but sometimes outspoken.  I am driven by my past mistakes.  A fun fact about me is I can cook anything my own style.  I joined PowerCorpsPHL because I heard so many success stories and wanted to change my life for the better.  I also wanted to help out my community and continue the work I already was doing in YouthBuild.  My beautiful 3 year old daughter motivates me.  She helped me change my life around and ever since 2013, nothing but good has happened.  All I keep doing is graduating.  I am looking forward to reaching some goals that would lead to my dream of being someone’s boss.  I look forward to going to school, obtaining a better job, and owning a house before I turn 23!

Dominic SpeachDominic-Speach

My name is Dominic, I am 24 years old, and I was born in Philadelphia.  I am dedicated to anything I put my mind to.  I have my OSHA 30 and Diploma of Completion in Human Service (Social Work) that I worked very hard to get.  I love to be with my family.  I enjoy the expensive restaurants at Rittenhouse Square.  The reason I joined PowerCorpsPHL was to gain more job experience and to give back to my city and community all at the same time.  Someone very close to me motivates me every day.  She is always positive and has the biggest heart, her actions motivate me to be just like her in that aspect.  I’m looking forward to growing.  I’m looking forward to completing the goals I’ve set for myself and to helping others along the way.