Service Partners

Philadelphia Parks & Recreation

The mission of Philadelphia Parks & Recreation (PPR) focuses on preserving and enhancing existing green spaces while also expanding the amount of green, public space available in the City.  PPR manages over 11,000 acres of parkland as well as hundreds of recreation centers, ball fields, and passive use parks.

PowerCorpsPHL corps members serve in diverse communities as well as on diverse natural and urban landscape projects to maintain the legacy of green space use in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Water

PhilaWaterDeptOver the past decade, the Philadelphia Water has created, tested and implemented new strategies to promote the economic and social growth of the City and meet environmental, ecological and business missions.  PWD developed Green City, Clean Waters, Philadelphia’s 25-year plan to protect and enhance our watersheds by managing stormwater with innovative green infrastructure.

PowerCorpsPHL corps members serving with PWD increase capacity to maintain the city’s green stormwater infrastructure and educate residents on the roles they can play in preserving our watersheds.